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Empowering Patient Recovery

Vimedos has created a powerful interactive platform for hospitals and other healthcare providers, which allows patients to access topic-specific and personalized medical information to facilitate their transition home and their ongoing care. 


Vimedos strives to empower patients to take their health and recovery into their own hands through engagement with their care team and education about their health and medical conditions.

Our Focus


We have developed a learning-solutions platform and an innovative communication tool to best reach patients who need extra support, education and contact with their physician and care team.


The carefully developed and curated multi-media content emphasizes the need for easy to understand information and highlights practical and implementable tools and tips for the recovering or chronically ill patient.


Patient engagement is the core of what we do. We help patients better engage with the whole care team, the medical system, and consult the necessary health information, empowering them to better manage their own disease and treatment.

Current landscape

Our Work

Telehealth: an increasingly useful tool that hospitals are adopting

Telehealth tools and applications have increasingly been shown to improve patients' access to care, particularly those who are more at-risk or find it difficult to access care in the first place. These tools allow patients to get more information, education and support they might seek.

These apps are also useful for care teams; allowing them to assess their patients remotely, track their progress, and providing them with alerts if need be. 

More evidence needed with regards to effective discharge procedures

Research suggests that there is a need for more complete discharge procedures that address the typical failures in communication, discharge processes, and care coordination generally. Studies suggest that addressing these issues is key to reducing unnecessary hospital re-admission, and lightening the load placed on busy departments.

Translating the current research: hands-on vs. remote

It has been shown that effective ways of reducing the 30-day readmission rates are by having hands-on, nurse-directed interventions. Newer research, however, suggests that these is scope to replicate the core, helpful components of these programs using remote methods: tools that incorporate live communication, schedule appointments, and provide appointment reminders and other alerts mirror these effective techniques, while reducing costs.

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